Blueberry Dream Smoothie

Celeriac and Edamame Bean salad

Raw Chocolate Brownies

Spiced Date and Almond Cannonballs

Vegan Plum, Apricot and Blackberry Crumble

Vegan Quiche


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in style.

How to make your day: spot something in Vogue that you already have in your wardrobe!


When sorting out your wardrobe – keep anything with feather detail – on trend this winter!


Before putting away your summer things… make a note of anything worn out or missing and put it in your 2018 diary, then you will not be tempted by things you don’t need!


Spring cleaning...

If you clear out one cupboard, one drawer or one shelf every week, then by June you will have a shed full of stuff for the school fete or charity shop, as well as a spotless house – and you’ll be able to sit in the garden for a whole month, or make cakes!


Instead of being tempted by the sales, sort out the clothes and accessories you already have and make the most of cosy times indoors during poor weather.  Make the most of the handwash and wool settings on your washing machine and treat your delicates and wool garments to some special treatment with their own detergent.  While the ironing board is out, de-bobble knitwear using “Bobble Buster” from Lakeland. Also from Lakeland, the Ultrasonic Jewellery cleaner, is brilliant for cleaning all your costume jewellery so that it sparkles like new!