Living and working in the centre of Essex, I run my own business as a qualified Nutritionist, helping people to look after their health through improving their diet and lifestyle.  It is through this work that the idea came to me to train as a Style Coach™ and add this work to my business.  Apart from the fact that I love clothes, enjoy dressing up for an occasion and am always on the lookout for ways to improve myself, I often find myself helping clients to feel better about themselves by sorting out their wardrobe, going shopping for a fresh look, or just encouraging them to set aside time for themselves for some pampering.


Feeling good about ourselves every day is not always easy to achieve, but it is so worthwhile when we achieve that special feeling.  It is easier to eat well and to treat ourselves with respect and dignity when we are happy with ourselves and our lives.


Sorting out our wardrobe can be a first step to having an organised clutter-free home we are proud of, and likewise dressing in colours and styles that suit us can move us closer to loving and caring for our bodies.


At different stages in life we can easily slip into a habit of everyone else’s needs and wants coming first, and this can include time as well as money. Before we know it we have no time for ourselves and no budget for new clothes.  I always encourage, and find inventive ways to help my clients to find the time and resources to focus on their own needs and wants.


Of course everyone is different and may be it is not a shortage of time or money that has made it difficult for you to find a look that you are comfortable with. It may be a change in your circumstances through bereavement, a new job, retirement or a wedding to go to that has thrown you into uncertainty about how to express your personality and be your unique self.


Through looking after your own needs and wants, and developing your own unique style, you will develop your own inner glow that will shine out to the world around you and have a positive impact on everyone you meet.


Through style coaching and dietary advice, I can help you with any aspect of yourself that you would like to improve, ranging from developing healthy eating habits, updating your wardrobe and feeling good about yourself.  Through working together with your own unique needs and wants as an individual you will develop your own unique individual style that is chic, and radiates an inner confidence that stays with you wherever you go in your life.

Jackie Martin B.Sc., A.Nutr., R.M.A.N.M.



jackiemartin1 IASC Member 2016 Style Coach Graduates Mark 2016